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Ab Seafood B.v.
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AB Seafood Bv is a relative new name in the fish industry and trade The founders of this young and dynamic do have many years experience and expertise regarding the ins and outs of the total fish chain, from catch to consumption The knowledge of the fish trade in combination with a thorough knowledge of management and marketing makes AB Seafood BV the ideal partner to cooperate with The past few years AB Seafood Bv has extend their knowledge to cooperate in projects, such as setting up production facilities in third countries, introducing improved techniques for catching, processing, developing and trading of different fish species In the near past AB Seafood BV has profiled herself even more as specialist in finding alternatives to substitute the quoted fish species In China a joint venture has been established with her Chinese partner, with whom she has a extensive relationship Together they have opened a production facility, to guarantee their clients a better price quality product Because AB Seafood BV write Quality with a capital Q, all of the production facilities will be attended several times a year to ensure the product check, adapt new rules and regulations and to control Quality systems and products Besides the production facility in China, AB Seafood BV can serve you with shrimps and shellfish and other products from Malaysia, India and Indonesia Furthermore they can help to establish and to support you in setting up a direct import from these countries AB Seafood Bv Your Highway to Seafood

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